Traveling with Pets in Japan: Top Pet-Friendly Hotels and Restaurants

Taking your animal companions on new experiences while traveling may be a fulfilling experience. Known for its warm welcome and rich culture, Japan has been more and more accepting of visitors with dogs. Pet-friendly lodging and dining options abound, from busy metropolises to peaceful countryside. Using a Japan eSIM for travelers can help you travel more smoothly by keeping you connected without the trouble of locating a local SIM card. This eSIM guarantees you will find it simple to get about, book, and communicate with loved ones. This is a guide to some of Japan’s top restaurants and lodging options that accept pets.

Japan Hotels Accepting Pets

Pet-friendly hotels abound in Japan, ranging from opulent resorts to quaint inns. Your pet and you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay thanks to these facilities.

Chinzanso Hotel Tokyo

One opulent choice in the center of Tokyo is Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Pets are not just welcome at this hotel, which also has lovely accommodations and breathtaking views. Certain rooms at the hotel welcome pets, and the hotel offers food bowls and blankets for them. Walking your dog slowly around the surrounding gardens is the ideal way to unwind in a peaceful setting.

Fuji Lake Hotel

Fuji Lake Hotel is pet-friendly and provides amazing views close to the famous Mount Fuji. Pets are permitted in certain of the hotel’s rooms, and it offers dog beds and water bowls among other facilities. Nature enthusiasts will find the neighboring Lake Kawaguchi region to be an ideal haven for leisurely walks and outdoor activities with their pet.

Dog-Friendly Cottage Arcadia in Karuizawa

Popular holiday resort of Karuizawa is well-known for its stunning scenery and mild weather. Cottage Suitable for Dogs Pet owners may find a selection of cottages at Arcadia ideal. Your dog may run about in the private garden of each cottage. A fun-filled vacation for you and your pet is guaranteed by the abundance of pet-friendly cafΓ©s and parks in the town of Karuizawa.

Yatsugatake Risonare

Pet owners are catered to in the opulent resort Risonare Yatsugatake, which is situated in the Yatsugatake Mountains. The resort provides pet-friendly accommodations together with a number of facilities, including grooming and spa treatments. The surrounding environment is a great haven from the stress of city life for hiking and outdoor exploration with your pet.

Five-star Kyoto Ritz-Carlton

Pet-friendly rooms at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, provide all the conveniences you and your pet may want for an opulent stay. The motel is conveniently close to lovely walking pathways along the Kamogawa River. The hotel personnel goes above and above to make sure that pets are treated like VIPs, providing pet facilities and, upon request, special pet meals.

Japan’s Pet-Friendly Restaurants

With so many pet-friendly restaurants and cafΓ©s, dining out with your pet in Japan is getting simpler. Here are some excellent places to eat without having to part with your animal companion.

The CafΓ© Les R

Popular dog-friendly cafΓ© Les R is situated in Tokyo’s Shibuya area. Along with a specific cuisine for dogs, the cafΓ© provides a cozy environment for both people and pets. A leisurely dinner may be had outside while your pet rests by your side. In addition, the cafΓ© gives pets snacks and water bowls so they feel as welcome as their owners.

The Jiyugaoka Burger

Pet-friendly and serving up tasty burgers, Jiyugaoka Burger is situated in Tokyo’s hip Jiyugaoka district. Dogs are allowed in the restaurant’s large outside sitting area. They also have a dog menu so your dog can eat a delectable dinner right along with you. It’s a terrific place for casual meals with your pet because of the kind service and laid-back ambiance.

N’s Garden

Pets are allowed in the roomy outside garden of the charming bistro N’s Garden in Yokohama. Along with a menu just for dogs, the cafΓ© sells a range of foods, including spaghetti and sandwiches. Pets can run about in the garden while you eat in a lovely environment. The cafΓ© is a favorite among local pet owners since it also holds activities linked to pets.

CafΓ© Crumpets

The pleasant and cheerful CafΓ© Crumpets in Kyoto welcomes dogs. Along with a selection of prepared fare, the cafe offers a dog-specific menu. You may have a lunch with your pet in the outside dining area, and the staff is renowned for being kind and understanding of them.

The Deck Pie & Coffee

Pet-friendly and offering excellent handcrafted pies, The Deck Coffee & Pie is situated in Osaka. Pets are allowed in the large outside dining area of the cafe. Dogs get goodies and water dishes so they feel perfectly at home. After seeing the city, you may unwind with your pet in this laid-back and welcoming environment.

Japanese Pet Travel Tips

If you make plans beforehand and adhere to a few key guidelines, traveling with dogs in Japan may be an amazing experience.

Check the Pet Policies.

Verify the pet rules of any establishments you visit or reserve lodging with. Pet sizes and numbers may be limited in certain locations. Advising them ahead of time that you will be bringing a pet is also a smart idea.

Bring Pet Essentials

Pack food, water, bowls, blankets, toys, and any prescription drugs your pet may require for the journey. In a new setting, your pet may feel more at ease with familiar objects.

Honor Local Customs

Traveling with pets in Japan requires one to observe the local traditions and manners. When in public, keep your dog on a leash, pick up after them, and be aware of other people and animals. Making sure your pet is mannered will make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

Use Public Transportation Carefully

Though there are certain regulations to observe, Japan’s public transportation system is effective and pet-friendly. While bigger dogs might need other accommodations, little pets can ride in carriers on buses and trains. Always verify the pet policies of the particular transportation provider.

See Pet-Friendly Attractions

You may have great fun with your pet at various pet-friendly sites in Japan. Pets are welcome in parks, gardens and even certain shrines and temples. To maximize your vacation, look into and arrange your schedule to include these pet-friendly locations.


With so many hotels and restaurants accepting animal guests, pet travel is growing in popularity in Japan. There are many choices to make sure your pet and you have an amazing vacation, from opulent lodgings like Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto to little cafΓ©s like CafΓ© Les R and Jiyugaoka Burger. A seamless and pleasurable trip with your pet may be had by making advance plans and following local traditions. For tourists, having an eSIM adds even more simplicity to staying connected and locating pet-friendly locations. Thus, get ready, bring your dog, and go on an amazing journey in Japan!

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