Rachel Cruze Net Worth 2024 – Husband, Family, Height & Age

Knowing about authors and writers is liked only by a few people until they hear about their whopping net worth. This might be a similar case too. Rachel Cruze, a famous author who didn’t just prove herself through her remarkable skills but also wrote many life changing books. Today, I will be discussing a lot about her so stay tuned!

Rachel Cruze Biography:

The brilliant author was born on 25th April 1989 in the United States of America. Her popularity factors include writing and speaking on the topic of financial literacy. She worked with her father Dave Ramsey and wrote a book with him; Smart Money, Smart Kids. This outstanding book was included in the bestsellers list of 2014.

Rachel Cruze Net Worth

Rachel Cruze Net Worth 2024:

The overall net worth of Rachel Cruze is around $3 million. Most of the contribution is made by her novels and books. Moreover, she owns a video blogging channel too which is a great source of income as well. Her appearance on multiple shows also plays a part in her financial success.

Although Rachel has a great net worth but she still believes in the motto “Spend within your means”. This helped her a lot in achieving some of the greatest things in her life. Moreover, many people were also impressed by this motto and started idealizing her.

Rachel Cruze Education:

As discussed before, Rachel was born in the United States specifically in the state of Tennessee. She completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in the field of communication. His father owned a firm in which she started working as soon as she graduated.

Rachel Cruze Net Worth

Rachel Cruze Wiki:

Born April 4, 1988 U.S.
Age Age 35
Alma Mater University of Tennessee
Nationality United State
Work Author
Famous as Author
Caste Evangelical Christian
Spouse Winston Cruze
Children 3
Parent Dave Ramsey – Father

Sharon Ramsey – Mother

Net worth $3 Million
Education Degree in Bachelor of Arts
Achievement Best Seller by The New York Times (2014)
Current relation status Married
Hobbies Reading Books

Rachel Cruze Career Life:

As soon as Rachel graduated, she joined her father’s firm as a full-time employee. Later in 2014, she came up with new plans which included blogging. In addition to this, she also took part in the show “The Legacy Journey” as a co-host with her father.

Famous shows of all time like Katie Fox, Good Morning America, Friends and The Today Show were lucky enough to have Rachel as their guest celebrity. She discussed her books on these shows and made people familiar with her financial skills.

Her three best sellers include “Smart Money, Smart Kids”, “Safeguarding your Legacy”, and “The Graduate’s Survival Guide”. Although there are other good books too but these were worth all of them.

After establishing herself as a successful author, Rachel turned her path towards teaching. She got interested in teaching young minds about money and its importance. Her teaching wasn’t restricted to young minds only, she also gave sessions in several conferences and business forums. Along with her books, teaching is considered to be the second accomplishment of Rachel Cruze.

Rachel Cruze Net Worth

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Rachel Cruze Books:

The following books were written by Rachel Cruze.

  •         The Graduate’s Survival Guide: Setting You Up for Success in College – Year 2011
  •         Smart Money Smart Kids – Year 2014
  •         Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want – Year 2016
  •         The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College – Year 2017
  •         The Contentment Journal – Year 2019

As told before, Smart Money, Smart Kids made it to the best sellers of New York Times. But what was so special about it? Well, for starters it covered the following points.

  •         Achieving responsibility
  •         Affording college fee
  •         Saving money
  •         Avoid the use of debit cards
  •         The vital role of hard work
  •         The source of money

Rachel Cruze Family:

Rachel has a small but loving family with the following members present in it.

  •         Dave Ramsey – Father
  •         Sharon Ramsey – Mother
  •         Daniel Ramsey – Brother
  •         Denise Ramsey – Sister

Rachel is married to Winston Cruze. They both are currently settled in Franklin according to the sources.

Rachel Cruze Quotes:

Some of the famous quotes said by Rachel Cruze are as follows.

“Debt basically enables people to live a lie.”


“Every dollar you spend is a reflection of your values.”


“You have to realize the long-term implications of choosing to finance your present with your future. Debt steals the very thing that helps you win with money—your income.”


“The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how much money you make; it matters how much you keep.”


“Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes permanent.” And permanent, positive change is what we’re after.”


“It made me realize how important it is not just to be aware of your habits but also to take control of them if you want to truly take control of your life.”


“When we look at our childhood money classrooms, there are really two ways we learned about money: what our parents communicated emotionally and what they communicated verbally.”


“I’m proud to lead her in the work she’s doing—but I’m even more proud to be her dad.”


“My decision to live debt-free is no longer because “Mom and Dad told me to” but because it is a choice I have made for my life.”

Admit this, after reading these quotes you felt a wave of positivity within you. This is exactly what these quotes did to other people as well. These life changing sayings helped a lot of people in achieving their dreams and becoming a better person.

Rachel Cruze Social Presence:

Rachel Cruze Instagram

Rachel Cruze Twitter

Rachel Cruze Website

Rachel Cruze Wikipedia

The End:

Rachel Cruze is nothing but a positive ray of sunshine that everyone needs in their lives. She did simple yet impactful work in her life. A lot of people were convinced by her theory and started following her. Her consultation regarding finances and moving quotes helped a large number of people. Even in the writing field, she did a remarkable job and was able to include her book in the top selling list of New York Times. 

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