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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, you must have heard this line at least once in your life. Doctors aren’t scary, in fact they provide great motivation to all the young youth out there. But yes, there is one thing which is that people don’t become doctors by luck but by choice. It takes a lot to become a successful doctor these days. If you are one of such people who has a dream of becoming a doctor, then good news! Today, I will be discussing a personality who is considered to be one of the most successful doctors of all time. She is none other than Shannon Klingman.

Who is Shannon Klingman?

Shannon Klingman was born in Minnesota. She was intelligent enough to pursue her career in doctorate so she decided to become one. University of Minnesota Medical School was the place from where she received her Master’s Degree in gynaecology and obstetrics. After some time she decided to continue her studies and graduated from Wayne State University. Shannon has an experience of over 25 years in the field of medicine. Evan Griffiths is Shannon’s husband and they have 3 children together, two girls and a boy.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman Net Worth 2024:

The current Shannon Klingman net worth is $100 million. According to her education, she is a doctor but it has been a long time since she left the practice. Lume Deodorant was launched in 2017, and even in 2024 it is still popular among people. The estimated yearly income of Shannon is around $2 million. Not to forget that she has a very big and kind heart. Most of the money from her net worth is spent on needy kids and families suffering from AIDS or HIV. She is an active member of OneOme pharmacogenomics firm and NovoClade biotech firm.

Shannon is private about her life and wealth but according to the sources she is considered one of the richest women when it comes to the business industry. She leads quite a luxurious life.

Most of her hobbies include her family. She is a family-oriented person and loves to spend her time and money on her family. Travelling, staying in expensive hotels, dining in luxurious restaurants, biking and hiking are some of the things she likes the most.

Full name Shannon Klingman
Gender Female
Net worth $100 million
Source of wealth Business
Age 54
Nationality American

Shannon Klingman Career:

Shannon owns a deodorant company with the name Lume Deodorant. Due to her company, people started calling her Lume Lady. Not just this, but her investments go on and on because of which she is so successful in the present time. She has a large investment share in the field of technology, American markets, and real estate along with investment funds.

Shannon has a great contribution in the field of Science. Her research includes Science-based technology and other related areas of medicine. During her work in a clinic she learned about the Enigma Diagnostics. Along with this, her contributions in the PapGene Test are also remarkable.

After her medical education got completed, she decided to add versatility in her roles and became a product developer for many companies. Even in the present time she isn’t focused on practicing medicine because her full focus is on her company Lume.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman Lume Deodorant:

You will be surprised to know that Shannon doesn’t own Lume herself. Yes, you have heard it right! No doubt, she is the founder of Lume but the current owner is Harry. She is the working CEO, founder, 100% shareholder but doesn’t own Lume. However, in a recent interview she opened up about the fact that her work terms with Harry have been great and there is no issue yet. All Lume products are gynecologist-approved so you can use them without any worry.


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Shannon Klingman Notable Appearance:

You must be familiar with the famous Shark Tank. In season 9 of this show Shannon made a special appearance and due to her passion and enthusiasm, all the panelists were greatly impressed. Her company, Lume Deodorant, is known to sell deodorants along with other skin care items which are made from pure organic ingredients. When she pitched her idea on the show, one of the panelists, Kevin O’Leary decided to give an offer of $175,000 in return for 25% ownership. On hearing this offer, Shannon discussed with other experts while considering the previous investments of Kevin but unfortunately she turned down this offer. Due to her success in the skincare line, she is now worthy of a $100 million net worth.

More about Shannon Klingman:

Don’t think that Shannon isn’t present on any social media platform. In fact, she is an active social media user with accounts on the following platforms.

A large community of people follows her on these social media handles. As a successful business woman Shannon always wanted other women to succeed like the way she did. She says a quote which goes like this:

β€œI believe women breathe fire and can move mountains if they take the openings life offers.” – Shannon Klingman.

Despite having the doctor’s degree, she decided to follow her dreams and kept on adding more roles into her professional life. Maybe this is what it takes to become successful like Shannon. Even from her quote you can assume that she is in a huge favour of other women to work and accomplish their goals as much as they can.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Concluding Thoughts:

Shannon’s success is no joke. She tried hard enough to reach the place where she is currently right now. Many hurdles and obstacles might have blocked her way but she remained steadfast and didn’t let her morale down. She maintained a perfect balance between her professional as well as her personal life. If there is anything which Shannon deserves then it is appreciation. Being a woman, it takes a lot to follow and actually accomplish your goals. But Shannon did it beautifully by maintaining the perfect balance between everything.

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