Julie Green Ministries Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height & Career

Are you a philosopher? Do you have interest in knowing about such personalities? There are lots of people who are into philosophy but they remain behind the curtain. Today, I will be discussing a personality who is a philosopher along with a religious teacher. She is none other than Julie Green Ministries.

Who is Julie Green?

Julie Green is a famous American philosopher and a Christian teacher. She serves the role of a Christian prophet in the USA. Julie also runs a foundation under the name Julie Green Ministries. Her role mainly includes delivering the message of God using her social media accounts and writing spiritual books.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Early Life:

Julie was born in 1961 in the United States. She chose Christianity as her religion at the age of 16. As soon as Julie turned 20, she started giving prophetic messages to Christian community. With all this, she runs different charity organizations along with online channels.

Texas was the place where Julie took birth. She studied at the Oral Roberts University which proved very helpful to her because she met her better half over there. David, the lucky man, fell in love with Julie and they both got married. They have 4 children together.


Julie took her initial education from a school located in her hometown. Later on, she got enrolled in Top Texas University in Business and graduated from there. After this she took a turn towards digital content creation and created her YouTube channel with the name Julie Green Ministries. At the present, she works as a full-time YouTuber and also a Christian prophet. Along with her spiritual teachings she also offers 1:1 consultation services by charging extra money.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth 2024:

Julie is the CEO and founder of Julie Green Ministries. Her net worth is around $7.5 million (of the year 2024). Social media accounts play a huge role in her net worth. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are three major platforms used by Julie. She uses these platforms to conduct regular sessions of spiritual relations with God. Earnings from the YouTube channel contribute to her monthly income making it more than average.

Name Julie Green Ministries
Age 62 Years Old
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1961
Birth Place Texas
Country United States
Father’s Name Jerry Reynolds
Mother’s Name NA
Height 5’6’’
Weight 60 Kg
Skin Colour White
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Grey
Siblings NA
Marital Status Married
Children 4
Education Master
Profession Pastor, Founder of JGMI
Language English
Religion Christian
Net Worth $7.5 million

Julie Age, Weight and Height:

The owner of Julie Green Ministries was born in September 1961. She is currently 62 years old but due to her fitness and maintenance, she doesn’t look like a 62 years old lady. Her weight is around 60 kg and height is 5 feet 6 inches. Julie follows her exercise schedule due to which she remains fit as compared to others.

The Founder of JGMI:

The abbreviation of JGMI is Julie Green Ministries International. Julie was able to find a charity foundation that collects millions of dollars per year to help needy people. The aim of this organization is to provide food, education and health to every available person in the country. With the help of JGMI, thousands of young minds are getting education in their favorite universities and colleges. Along with financial support, moral support is also provided through prophetic messages.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Facts About Julie Green Ministries:

Some of the unknown facts about Julie Green Ministries are mentioned below.

  • Julie was born in the US.
  • She originally grew up in a Muslim family.
  • Β After her personal experience she converted to Christianity at the age of 16.
  • JGMI was originally started as a study group but later on converted to a foundation.
  • JGMI also has a sub-branch with the name JGM Cares. The purpose of this branch is to provide food, clothes, education, and medical services to the poor and needy communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
  • An annual conference β€œWomen of Destiny” is hosted every year by JGMI. This conference attracts thousands of women having different cultures and backgrounds.

Julie’s Success Story:

Julie gained major success from her organization JGMI. It is difficult to estimate how much this organization makes yearly because it generates revenue from different sources. However, the major contribution goes to selling merchandise including electronic equipment and branded clothing through online platforms, people from ministry and book sales with strong messages.

She didn’t only contribute her money into JGMI but her efforts and sweat too. Through her this organization Julie was able to provide hope and the basis of life to millions of people around the world. Her this act created a ray of hope in young minds and instead of choosing the wrong path, they now choose the correct path.

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Was Julie Born in a Muslim Family?

Yes, Julie was initially born in a Muslim Family. Later on, she came across some experience which required healing. She gained healing from Jesus and since then she made her mind to adopt Christianity as her religion. At a very early age, she got converted to Christianity and didn’t follow Islam anymore. She was so moved by her personal experience that she made it a purpose of her life to teach and send spiritual messages to others as well. This was the point when JGMI came into the picture and within a few years it was well-established.

JGMI also made sure that people who are joining this organization correctly follow the teachings and sayings. Julie played a huge role here and even used her social media accounts to spread messages worldwide. Now JGMI is worth a million dollars.

Julie Green Ministries Social Presence:

Julie Green Ministries Instagram

Julie Green Ministries Twitter

Julie Green Ministries YouTube

Concluding Thoughts:

All in all, the world needs more people like Julie who stays firm and committed to their life purposes. They not only benefit others but also make their own lives 10x better by being a role model for others. Julie spent her whole life helping others and doesn’t expect anything in return except for people to follow the right path.

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