Sharjah Free Zone License: A Comprehensive Guide by SRTIP Accelerator

SRTIP is a comprehensive platform that supports quick growth and success for company start-ups and entrepreneurs in all sectors. A start-up’s primary source of long-term competitive advantage in the business market is its growth and acceleration. Situated in Sharjah, the SRTIP Accelerator offers all-inclusive services and affordable SRTIP Free zone licensing packages, allowing businesses to establish their business with little capital outlay.

You can access five activities under a single business license in Sharjah by contacting the SRTIP accelerator. These activities include trading, services, and consulting. The entire procedure of setting up a business is accomplished quickly and easily.

Understanding Free Zone in Sharjah

“Sharjah Free Zones, β€œare designated economic zones in the Emirate of Sharjah. These zones provide a hospitable atmosphere for commercial, professional, business, trade, and investment opportunities in Sharjah. The Sharjah Free Zone is significant because of its brilliant infrastructure, strategic location, and wide variety of industries that bloom within its confines. The following are some of the chief industries thriving within the free zone: The sectors include healthcare, education, media, manufacturing and industrial, trading and logistics; and information technology.

Types of Business Licenses available in Sharjah free zones

Different kinds of licenses are available in Sharjah Free Zones to support a range of legal structures and commercial operations. There are restrictions and requirements unique to each licensing category. The following is a summary of the typical license categories offered in a Sharjah Free Zone:

Having a trading license enables companies to import, export, distribute, and store goods In the Sharjah Free Zone. It is appropriate for businesses that are involved in trading. A trade license must have some prerequisites, including a formal application and supporting documents like a business plan, copies of one’s passport, and address evidence. A real office space within the free zone is required for this license.

Among the most popular licenses businesses seek are those for commercial trade, media, e-commerce, manufacturing, services, and consultancy.

Cost of a Sharjah free zone license

AED 6,875 is the starting price for a Sharjah free zone license. However, there are other expenses and fees to consider. For example, this will be more expensive if you need office or warehouse space, multi-year visas, or enhanced visa quotas.

An outline of the annual renewal procedure and the fee structure is provided below:

  • One-time setup expenses: When applying for a Sharjah Free Zone license, the following initial setup fees usually apply:
  • License charge: The kind of license and the nature of the business activity determine the license fee. The payment is made only once, during the initial application procedure.
  • Office space rent: Depending on the size and location of the premises, you will have to lease office space within the Sharjah Free Zone.

License Renewal

To continue the business operations in the Free zone, one must renew the license annually. The application for renewing one’s license is to be completed within a time frame allotted before the license expiry date. New information and supporting documents may be needed at the time of renewal. There are license renewal fees, and it depends on the type of license one requires to renew.


Negotiating the intricacies of gaining a business license in the SRTIP free zone entails a sophisticated understanding of the operational imperatives, along with financial considerations, and legal frameworks.

SRTIP Accelerator is a highly recommended option for start-ups and entrepreneurs due to several strong factors. First, it delivers extensive services intended to address the unique requirements of entrepreneurs, including networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to state-of-the-art research and development facilities.

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