Green Living in the South: A Guide To Solar Panels

Do you look around your neighborhood and feel like everyone has purchased solar panels? You may have even investigated solar panels Florida to see if they could work for you. However, you probably still have questions. Therefore, this is a guide to solar panels.

How Does Solar Power Work

Solar Screen Installation power turns sunlight into electricity. The photovoltaic panels take the photons sunlight produces and create electric fields within the panels. This creates DC power, which you need an inverter to convert into AC power so your home can use it.

You can store this in a battery system, but J. Butler Management says most people opt to link into the electrical grid. This allows you to draw power from the grid when the sun is not out and push the extra power your system creates into the grid when you don’t need it. Some municipalities even pay you for your energy generation.

Understanding Solar Viability

Solar viability refers to whether your home is a good fit for your top choice for solar panels in Indianapolis. It should have a roof that faces south. This orientation allows your panels to get the greatest amount of direct sunlight. Look around your property to make sure you don’t have any trees that shade your roof. Also, observe the surrounding buildings. Is there a time when your roof gets too much shade?

Your roof also needs sufficient usable space. You will create your system size and composition based on your energy needs. You may need more panels than you think if you use a lot of electricity or have a larger home. Rooflines with a lot of protrusions, angles and other structural impediments may not have sufficient space that faces south for a full system.

Also, the location of your home can impact your solar efficiency and viability. You need sufficient light throughout the year, which should not be an issue in the South. For example, the yearly sunshine allows for efficient solar power Virginia.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel

Solar panels have different efficiencies and qualities. You need to balance the cost and the quality of your panels. Polycrystalline panels are affordable, especially in areas with high temperatures, such as the South. However, they are less efficient.

Half-cut panels are highly efficient. They also perform well in high temperatures. However, they tend to be more expensive. You may find that the panels balance this expense due to their efficiency.

If your roof is small and you want higher efficiency than polycrystalline panels, you can choose Mono PERC panels. You can also use them in areas that don’t receive as much sunshine. You will pay a little more for these panels than you would for polycrystalline options.

Determining Installation

You may have seen some DIY solar installation projects, but because you are working with electricity, it is best to hire a professional. If you plan to hook into the grid, you definitely need a professional electrician. Also, solar companies understand the dangers and safest way to install the panels on your roof and inverter. These individuals can also conduct a full evaluation of your home.

As you investigate solar installation companies, e.g., solar companies Charlotte NC, write down all your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and investigate rebates and incentives to help you pay for your new panels.

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