The Best Job Search Websites for Remote Work

Remote work abroad – advantages of employment. Where to look for remote work in another country?

Remote working is becoming more popular every day. The task of the employee is to do his/her duties in a comfortable place. The employee and the employer can agree on a specific location for remote working or that the employee will work in different locations. He or she can work from different places, like home, a library, or a cafΓ©. So, remote work can be done in a different country. People from all over the world can find a job abroad. Remote work is for IT, media, financial, and insurance organizations. Employers use special programs to control remote employees. They set tasks, monitor and record working hours, and exchange information.

To become part of a working team, you don’t have to fly to the country and go through an intimidating interview. Everything is quite simple and easy. Remote employees are expected to perform concrete, visible results.Β 

Therefore, they will rely on your cases and portfolio, which should be built up from day one. The question arises; where to send them? This is where the World Wide Web comes to the rescue:

The most popular sites for finding IT jobs abroad:


It is a platform only with verified and verified employers. All job postings are verified. Job search is easy and fast. InΒ LayboardΒ everyone can find the perfect remote job for themselves.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network that helps you find jobs and new useful contacts abroad.

  • WellFound

This is a platform that posts job openings from startups, IT giants, and just average tech companies.

  • We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely – here you can find remote jobs in startups, IT giants and just ordinary technology companies. Here you can find jobs in IT and digital.

  • No desk is a platform that specializes only in remote jobs.Β 

  • Remote OK

Remote OK is a platform for finding remote jobs abroad.

All you need to do is enter the desired job in the search bar and get the answer in the form of links to the vacancies. This way you can save about half a day of your time.

What is needed for success in remote work?

Based on all of the above, working remotely abroad is quite realistic. Some companies fully or partially work with employees in this mode, in this case, they do not need to maintain offices, the geography of the search for the right specialist expands to all regions, so it is easier to find a suitable employee. That is, it is important to assess your knowledge, and experience, determine your interests and find a sphere in which it is comfortable to work. For some jobs, you must have specific skills – to be able to write commercial texts, programming and so on. If there is only a desire to work remotely and abstract ideas about the future profession, look for vacancies where the employer is ready to train an employee. You will also need a computer or laptop with Internet access. It may be necessary to install the necessary programs and applications for work. You can choose your own working time. You can look for a part-time job or a full-time job. A remote employee must sign an employment contract or a civil law contract.

Companies that hire employees under a labor or civil law contract arrange online interviews in Zoom or Skype. Be sure to prepare for them properly, and success will not be long in coming.

First, you have to think carefully about your future job, what you want to take from it. After all, remote work involves intellectual and creative tasks. For example, working with documents and programs, customer support on the phone, and creating websites and applications. Remote will be easier for those who do not need to meet with customers in person, check contractors and travel to sites. And also if you do not need equipment that cannot be installed at home.

Professional growth in remote work is not as rapid as it can be in the office. Bosses may underestimate a remote worker and think that he is underworked in some way.

To grow professionally, you will have to work hard and learn. But the advantages are worth it. In a remote workplace, you don’t have to get up on an alarm clock and jostle in crowded transportation. You can save money on travel and business lunches, business clothes and shoes, and if you have a slight cold, you don’t have to take a sick leave and can work in peace without your colleagues sneezing.

Remote work saves at least two hours a day, which you would spend on traveling to the office and back. This time can be spent at the gym, with family or friends, sleeping longer, or doing your favorite hobby.

If you don’t like intrusive coworkers, remote work can help you avoid meeting them and idle chatter. So, working online will allow you to earn money even if you are far from home, traveling, in any city or country in the world. After all, the Internet is now available everywhere. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be tied to a specific physical workplace. This was hard to imagine just a few decades ago. That is why now is your time to try yourself in a new type of profession.

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