Dhar Mann Net Worth 2024 – What Is His Source of Income?

It is always fun to know about people who are into various things. For instance, a person who is an entrepreneur and music director will be considered superior to the person having a single profession. You can always say NO to such assumptions but it is what it is.

Today, I will be discussing with you regarding a famous personality who isn’t just an entrepreneur but also a filmmaker, motivational speaker as well as social media influencer. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the famous Dhar Mann.

Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar is a famous entrepreneur who is also a good motivational speaker. He has made some significant impacts in the business world and social media. His life wasn’t easy and he had to struggle hard enough to make the ends meet. However, his life journey is considered to be extremely motivational for other entrepreneurs as well.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Early Life and Education:

Dhar Mann was born on 29th May 1984 in USA (California). He has built an extremely high following across various social media platforms. He was born to Baljit and Surinder Singh. They both were the founders of a taxi company in the USA. Dhar’s family also had a strong entrepreneurial background which helped a lot in his career. He went to the University of California and studied Political Science and Economics.

Dhar Mann is short for Dharminder Mann. As told before, he had Indian parents Surinder and Baljit. They had an Indian cab company with the name Friendly Cabs. To talk about his current status, Mann is engaged to Laura Avila and has two children.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

Dhar had been carrying the entrepreneurial blood in his veins from a very young age. He started his first business venture in real estate mortgage brokerage at the age of 19. But it wasn’t a success as the 2008 financial crisis hit his business hard enough. He didn’t sit back but pursued other business ventures.

Medical Marijuana Franchise:

Dhar founded a medical marijuana franchise, WeGrow in the year 2010. This business was a success as compared to the previous business ventures but it too got closed due to various challenges.

Cosmetic Company:

In the year 2015, Mann founded LiveGlam which was a cosmetics company offering subscription based services. This company, however, proved very lucky for him and contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

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Sources of Income:

Dhar has a whopping net worth of many dollars. But the question is, what his income sources are which produce this much net worth. Well, as told before there are many professions followed by Dhar which help him generate significant income. He has invested in real estate business, he also charges money for speaking engagements and he also sells books. But the most significant of all is the income generated from his books, YouTube channel and real estate investments. If we consider his side businesses then they will double his present income.

Social Media Influencer:

Mann has a strong following in the business world. Along with this, he also has a huge fan following in the social media world. His social media handles have millions of followers and subscribers. All of his motivational and educational videos have surpassed billions of views.


Dhar uses his Facebook account for sharing motivational videos which educate and inspire his followers. His Facebook page has over 20 million followers which includes him in the most followed entrepreneurs list.


As far as his Instagram is concerned, it has over 2 million followers. On this platform, he usually shares his personal life updates, business tips and motivational content.


Mann’s YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. He utilizes this platform to share educational and motivational content and life lessons. Videos related to personal development and entrepreneurship are also available on the channel.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Real Estate Investments:

Dhar Mann has invested in many properties in the United States. He is of the view that investing in real estate is the fastest way to double the income. That is why he has been active in this domain more than required.

Charitable Causes:

No matter what is the net worth of Dhar, he always contributes to various charitable causes. Not only he contributed but also raised awareness regarding important social issues. His work in this particular domain increased his popularity very much and also impacted his net worth in a positive way.

Dhar Mann Net Worth 2024:

Over the years, Dhar’s net worth has only increased. In fact in some of the years, there was a steady increase. However, this is all due to his investments made in the real estate business, his social media influencing and other business ventures.

2018 – 2020

This time duration proved very lucky for Mann as his net worth experienced a significant increase. The increase was witnessed due to the success of LiveGlam and social media influence.

2021 – 2023

These years also proved very beneficial for Mann’s net worth. The success was seen mainly in the social media domain when there was a sudden increase in his followers while his business also continued to thrive.


Talking about the present year, Mann has a net worth of $30 million. But this is not it, his net worth is expected to grow over time and that too significantly.

Name Dhar Mann
Profile Name Dhar Mann
Date of Birth 29th May 1984
Age 40 Years
Date of Joining (YouTube) 10th May 2018
Total Videos 1.5k +
Net Worth $30 Million
Nationality American
Residence California


Apart from his business success, Dhar is a very quiet person and does not like to share his personal information with others. The only solid information known to the public is regarding his residence in Calabasas, California. It was purchased from Khloe Kardashian for $15.5 million.

Future Projects:

Dhar’s success is undoubtedly impressive. He owns a production company with the name Dhar Mann Studios along with a YouTube channel. His channel has gained millions of subscribers and views. Furthermore, he has received publications from Times Magazine which further contributed to his success.

The End:

All in all, Dhar has an outstanding net worth of $30 million. His net worth is a proof of his hard work and dedication towards his commitments. Through smart strategies and impressive thinking, Dhar has genuinely managed to reach the success heights where he is currently now.

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