Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom  

It can be difficult to make yourself comfortable in a strange bed and an unfamiliar room. No matter how many times the host tells you to make yourself at home, it’s easy to find yourself tense and on edge because it isn’t your home. It’s unknown.  

So, whether you have a friend or family staying for one night or for a while, you want them to genuinely feel at home. You want them to relax and unwind during their stay; allowing them to truly feel welcome. Most of which you can do through the design of your guest bedroom (the rest comes down to you and your attitude). 

Colour Palette 

When it comes to a colour palette for a guest bedroom, there are no strict rules. After all, it’s more about individual taste. That’s not to say you should go for a bright and obnoxious colour such as orange or hot pink. Your best bet would be something light and neutral; think about whites, beiges and greys. If you want to make your space a bit livelier, you could use soft greens and blues, creating a more relaxing ambience with subtle hints of nature and the outdoors.  


Most bedrooms have carpet. It’s almost an unspoken rule as you can wake up, roll over and press your feet into the soft, plush fibres. But there are other options too. Consider installing parquet flooring to create a timeless elegance to your guest bedroom. Using one of the many eye-catching patterns such as herringbone or chevron, you can also use these to help visually alter the size of your room. This could be particularly helpful if your guest room is on the smaller side. If you’re not a fan of the intricate geometric designs, you could still choose wood flooring – whether it’s engineered or solid – which also require minimal maintenance and are incredibly durable. 

Storage Solutions  

If your guests are staying for more than one night, then having ample storage for them to use would be helpful. Think about an empty dresser and a wardrobe full of hangers; giving them somewhere to store their stuff instead of living out of their suitcases will help your guests feel welcome. You could even leave them some space in the bathroom to keep their toiletries.  

This will also lessen clutter, making your guests feel comfortable and not crowded by their items.  

The Bed 

The most important part of a guest bedroom is the bed. Without one, it’s just another room – one that guests can’t sleep in. You don’t need to go all out with your bed frame, but you want to make sure it’s something stable and comfortable.  

Realistically, the bedding is where you make your guests feel welcome. Think soft fabrics, minimalist designs or block colours. You’ll want light colours to make your space open and inviting. Include blankets, thin or thick depending on the weather, to infuse a cosy vibe in the bedroom.   


With guest bedrooms, you likely want to consider a minimalist approach to the décor. Everyone has different tastes, and you won’t be able to accommodate them all, so the middle ground would be the less, the better. Consider a few pieces of wall décor – a painting you don’t have space for or a sculptural piece that hasn’t quite found a home in the rest of your space.  

Window Treatments and Lighting 

Both a necessity for privacy and for a good night’s sleep, you want to make sure you’ve got efficient window treatments. Think about blackout curtains, which are great if your guest wants an afternoon-nap, or blinds to cover the windows. 

Consider a variety of light sources; from overhead to bedside lamps. Allowing your guests to switch between them depending on their mood and needs. Read more about magazinehub.

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